Drones and Law Enforcement – The use of PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 in the Police Forces

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Since its invention, the value of drones in law enforcement has been unambiguous. The advent of user-friendly professional drones especially means that the operator doesn’t need years of training to fly the drone and use it effectively. Perhaps that is why 2017 saw a 518% increase in the use of drones over the last 24 months in U.S. public security and law enforcement agencies.

There are many ways for police forces to harness the amazing potential of PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077.

Search and Rescue

The first and most obvious use of this type of drone by police is Search and Rescue. PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can monitor territory much faster and more efficiently than officers can on foot or even by vehicle. What’s more, drone can get under the cover of trees or between buildings to gain access to places that helicopters cannot reach. When equipped with a thermal imaging camera, the drone can easily spot a missing person hidden under debris, brushwood, and even at night.


PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can be used to help detaining criminals, who are on the run. Thanks to the ability to track objects, the drone can track a person escaping from a crime scene and provide information on the entire scenario, allowing officers to detain a suspect more safely.

Officer safety

The aerial perspective can provide vital information in dangerous situations such as real-time chase scenes or during the investigation of illegal operations. “The eyes in the sky” can judge the situation, obtaining both audio and video by capturing the finest details with zoom cameras, while enhancing the safety of law enforcement officials. Drones can be of great help in times of high risk. In situations where a suspect refuses to get out of the vehicle, officers can deploy the drone to assess the situation and even give commands through the loudspeaker while maintaining a safe distance.


Drones can also play a vital role in crowd monitoring, allowing pilots to scan for suspicious behavior or locate people in distress. Camera zoom is essential in their ability to see the overall view as well as the smallest details.

Reporting and Analysis

Aerial perspective combined with mapping software can play a role in reconstructing road collisions or crime scenes. Photographs and maps taken by the drone’s camera software can be used to analyze the collision sequence for accident reports as well as to unravel crime-related events.

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