Drones for Fire-Fighting – How does PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 improve the Fire-Fighters’ work?

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Over time, fire drone operations become more and more complex. Fire fighter missions are expected to get more and more advanced as Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights become more regular and the first professional drone pilots teams begin to take shape.

Why is PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 the best choice for Fire-Fighting operations?

Situational Awareness

Long-range drones equipped with a camera payload provide firefighters with additional situational awareness on the spot, keeping them safe and providing real, up-to-date information.

PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can provide additional support by tracking fire hotspots and monitoring safe zones during rapidly developing fires. This allows firefighters to have early warning signals to spot fires quickly. Drone provides them with real-time information when assessing post-disaster areas that have been hit by natural disasters such as wildfires.

Thermal Assessment

When it comes to firefighters, every second counts. Therefore drones with the ability to add “sense” or FLIR (thermal imaging) camera loads to quickly identify fires and critically analyze the situation are extremely valuable. In the coming years, drones with modular payloads and long-range capabilities will be used much more often.

Reaching hard-to-reach places

Modern technology implemented in drones can launch extinguishing capsules into hard-to-reach places or, for example, shoot projectiles that break a window in a burning building.

For the firefighters themselves, it is very important that the drone hovers in the air for a long time without the need to replace the batteries (e.g. during rescue operations) – it is difficult to imagine a situation in which a firefighter has to stop piloting a drone due to a depleted battery. Drones with hybrid technology such as PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 are the perfect answer to these needs.

Search and Rescue

Thermal imaging cameras in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are an extremely valuable tool. Firefighters can use it in responding to various incidents. Drones serve a variety of unique purposes in saving lives.

Drones are the newest technology appearing in the firefighting scene as a valuable chewing rescue tool. UAS can provide situational awareness to commanders both at the scene and back in the command center. This information can help the ladder crew know where to direct their water.

Drones with thermal imaging cameras can see through smoke to help rescuers identify the location of trapped victims. These drones can also help monitor a fire scene for potential hotspots that may reignite under certain circumstances.

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