PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can be used to map forests, which has already paid off in places like Indonesia. A small drone was sent to fly over a wooded area and was able to return data that revealed the vastness of the forest and other relevant information, including human activity around the forest.

Various forest related parameters such as canopy coverage, number of trees and volume estimation can also be effectively achieved by using unmanned aerial vehicles. Data collected with drones is usually accurate and can help you make decisions faster and better, unlike other methods.

Disturbances in forests are mainly caused by wind and snow and these have a direct impact on the performance of stands. It also affects regeneration. Satellite imagery was initially used to access this kind of data by mapping the gaps in the canopy, but the information was not as accurate as it should have been. However, this has changed with the introduction of drone remote sensing.

Canopy height and other canopy attributes are among the best forest features used by forestry professionals. This data must be accessed carefully, and thanks to LiDAR technology, which can now be mounted on drones, the information is available quickly and efficiently.

Drones can now be used to capture important forest data such as snow depth in the forest, canopy attributes such as canopy gaps, and the extent of carbon storage in the forest. This information concerns not only forest researchers but also forest farmers.

In the past, measuring the extent of carbon dioxide storage in biomass was very laborious and very costly. But thanks to the introduction of drone technology, remote sensing can create a 3D mapping of carbon dioxide storage in forests.

Wildfires often cause extensive damage to land and soil after the fire has been extinguished. The land restoration process takes years as it requires extensive site surveys and the planting of trees that can take years. PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can perform these surveys quickly and reduce costs and time for land reconstruction allowing effective natural resources management.

Planting trees in a wooded area is not an easy task. The earth is often not evenly distributed and is sometimes unavailable. PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can be used to distribute seedlings in these areas quickly and efficiently and to ensure the planting of trees.

Drones are currently used to perform aerial surveys of rainforests to determine where trees have been affected by human activity and the patterns used to achieve this. The drones can then transfer the data to the appropriate authorities, which use it to make informed decisions.

PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can be used to monitor illegal mining, especially in wooded areas that cannot be easily reached by humans. Drones can fly over these areas and take clear pictures of the damage that has been done in these areas and advise authorities on corrective measures to be taken.

Most companies now use drones to measure inventory in forests. Data on the number of logs, the amount of sawdust and wood chips can now be easily determined at a much lower cost than before.

One of the most difficult and labor-intensive tasks is to sprinkle manure and fertilizers in wooded areas. The drones came in handy in helping to spread fertilizer over wooded areas that were previously inaccessible.

Communities and businesses are now using drones to fight deforestation. In addition to using drones to plant trees, these UAVs are now being used for forest surveillance in order to capture people or activities that undermine the existence of forests.

Some companies interested in forest research have used drones because they save money and a lot of time. They can easily collect forest data, including the extent of forest cover, forest attributes and so on.

Much of the forest cover is lost to unscrupulous business people through logging, and this ends up causing global warming. Law enforcement has also used drones to monitor forest covers to arrest those who destroy them suporting natural resource management.

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