CH4 GAS methane sensor

Czujnik metanu CH4 GAS

  • Model H2 Enterprise

  • Gaz docelowy Default gas methane (CH4) and gases containing methane (natural gas and similar)

  • Czułość Sensitivity from 100 m – 150ppm-m

  • Temperatura robocza Working temperature – 10°C .. +40°C

  • Pamięć Working humidity – up to 90%

  • Pamięć Sampling rate – 10 samples/sec

  • Pamięć Distance – do 100m Pamięć Camera – 1920×1080/30fps

The CH4 GAS methane sensor is a sensor that allows the remote detection of methane gas using a laser beam. Detection is based on measuring the amount of laser light that is absorbed by the gas being detected. Detection can take place over distances of up to 100m.

The detector can be used for remote monitoring of gas pipelines and facilities where a gas leak may be suspected.

The fully automated system allows measurements to be taken much more quickly compared to conventional methods. The system’s self-calibration ensures reliable measurements.

Methane sensor reading

Odczyt czujnika metanu