Critical infrastructure

Industries such as energy, transmission networks, telecommunications operators, railways and road construction make extensive use of drones.

Industrial drones help to map and inspect assets, while ensuring optimal data collection and maximum safety for their employees.

Our adventages

Speed of execution

Precision measurement

Live visual inspection

Key benefits for the critical infrastructure sector

Asset integrity management

Deliver frequent on-demand inspections to monitor the safety, reliability and integrity of the power network, improving efficiency and eliminating risk.

Damage inspection

Capture the condition of assets from multiple angles using drones to reveal any faults or defects and address them in a timely manner.

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

(Leak Detection and Repair)

Fast and accurate detection of leaks using drones equipped with specialised sensors, ensuring staff safety and enabling timely decision-making.

Network management and development

Drones can help telecoms operators to quickly and effectively inspect various elements of telecoms networks, such as pylons or towers on which operators’ antennas stand.

Thermal inspection

Obtaining real-time readings of resource temperatures using drones equipped with radiometric thermal sensors to immediately identify anomalies.

Monitoring progress

Drone solutions, along with image fusion and 3D modelling software, help keep teams fully informed of work progress and resource allocation – keeping projects on time and on schedule.