Uniformed services, civil defence and the military make extensive use of UAVs to assist in incident response, rapid mapping and reconnaissance to facilitate informed action while ensuring maximum safety for officers and bystanders.

Our advantages

Long flight time

Night-time observation

Streaming video live

Key benefits for law enforcement, defence forces and the army

Civil security

Increase citizen protection during security missions. Our Prometheus H2 HDP enables government and local service teams to operate with greater confidence and a better understanding of the security situation at the scene.

Collision reconstruction and forensic

Quickly and remotely map, document and preserve crime scenes, vehicle collisions and other incidents, while keeping operators safe.

Responding to crisis situations

Get live aerial imagery to identify missing persons, analyse ground damage and much more with our drone solutions. With a live data stream from the drone, response teams can effectively direct ground teams and communicate the situation to off-site stakeholders.

Mission situational awareness

Provides operations commanders with an accurate, real-time view of the mission, enabling them to make confident decisions. Utilise our Prometheus H2 HDP, equipped with excellent cameras and thermal sensors, to respond more effectively in crisis situations, helping mission leaders take the lead with improved situational awareness.

Dedicated accessories
for the Protector model