Solutions for Territorial Defence Forces

Our drone solutions provide remote visualisation of a hazardous area to provide Territorial Defence Forces with critical situational awareness information.

Our solutions allow soldiers to operate with greater confidence and situational awareness.
Wojska obrony terytorialnej

Key benefits for
Territorial Defence Forces

Mission situational awareness

Provide operations commanders with an accurate, real-time view of the mission, enabling them to make confident decisions. Utilise our Prometheus H2 Hybrid Drone Platform, equipped with superior cameras and thermal sensors to respond more effectively in crisis situations, helping mission leaders take the lead through better situational awareness.

    • Without comprehensive mission data, ground teams struggle with blind spots and are exposed to unnecessary risks.

    • A major challenge can be insufficient situational awareness, making it difficult to allocate resources effectively to maximise safety and minimise response time.

    Drones increase situational awareness of military operations

    • The drone allows you to get to the scene quickly and gain immediate aerial insight.

    • The drone hovers over the unfolding mission for up to 5h and transmits a live up-to-date view directly to the command centres.

    • Synchronisation of teams, elimination of uncertainty and much greater certainty in making key decisions.
  • Maintaining a safe distance

    Controlling the scene of a military operation is important.

    Gathering intelligence on the terrain and movements of troops or civilians is key to minimising risks to people and property, while maximising the safety of soldiers.

    Drones increase the effectiveness of Territorial Defence Forces operations

    Aerial imaging using the Prometheus H2 HDP with dedicated accessories can help identify the location of foreign troops and civilians and then assess the level of risk if the site of operations needs to be scanned from a distance for security or tactical reasons.

    During operations, there is a lot of critical information that can be combined using drone imagery and data. For example, determining the presence of civilians in an area, the exact location and numbers of foreign troops and how armed they are – and even spotting a regrouping route or vehicles in the surrounding area.

    Such information enhances the operational effectiveness of the Territorial Defence Forces and the other services working with them.
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