Solutions for environmental protection

Our drone solutions can be used for rapid mapping and other surveys for environmental purposes. Using 3D mapping or aerial LiDAR point clouds, workers in this sector can get a detailed picture of key significant areas while optimising resources and maintaining safety.

Drones enable large-scale, detailed surveys of natural resources, providing accurate maps and models, as well as telemetry data.
Environmental protection

Key benefits for environmental protection

Forest resource management

Use drones with high-resolution visual and multispectral sensors to map forests, collect vegetation samples or monitor and manage forest and wildlife health.

    • Mapping heavily overgrown, often mountainous areas on foot is time-consuming, costly and dangerous for Forest Service staff.

    • The data collected can be limited in both scope and scale, making it difficult to create comprehensive profiles that can be shared across different teams.

    Drones help to manage forest resources

    • Quickly take off and fly over rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other locations to capture data with automated aerial missions, reducing costs and field time.

    • Aerial photographs help classify water reservoirs, estimate water extent and monitor wastewater.

  • Water resources management

    Mapping areas around headwaters, estuaries and other sites using drones to get data on demand, making it easier to manage resources and monitor compliance over large areas.

    • Surface water mapping requires long hours and many people, and the environment can be difficult to access on foot.

    • Satellite and aerial data are expensive and cannot be made available on demand, and data resolution and accuracy is poor.

    Drones help manage water resources

    • High-speed take-offs and overflights of rivers, lakes and reservoirs allow data to be collected via automated flights, reducing costs and reducing field time.

    • Aerial photographs help classify water bodies, estimate water extent and monitor wastewater.

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