Lidar GEO

Lidar GEO

  • Model H2 Enterprise

  • FOV FOV – 70º

  • Zasięg doświetlacza Laser wavelength – 905nm

  • Pamięć Triple echo – 720 000 points/sec.

  • Matryca Positioning GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2
    BSD B1/B2/B3, GAL E1/E5a/E5b

  • Measuring range
    190m @ 10% reflectivity
    230m @ 20% reflectivity
    320m @ 80% reflectivity
    < 5cm @ 50m altitude
    < 7cm @ 70m altitude
    < 10cm @ 110m altitude

The LIDAR combines a compact and lightweight design with improved detection range and performance, featuring an FOV greater than 70°. Its triple-echo and double-scan modes are ideal for applications such as mapping, power line surveys, smart cities and more.

detection range

100 m

for scanning


number of returns

Triple echo
Częstotliwość skanowania

Scanning frequency (triple reflection)

Częstotliwość skanowania

Level of protection

IP 67

Image gallery

Image from Lidar

Measurement and mapping of power lines

Its long-range function allows it to work at higher heights with greater efficiency. Its special spot shape provides better resolution and coverage for thin objects such as power lines, and its distinctive repetitive scanning mode improves measurement and mapping precision.

and cartography in forestry

In environmental survey and mapping scenarios where terrain detail is critical, LIDAR’s triple-return function allows more point clouds to be obtained from the treetops and terrain.